Nisennenmondai prep live album, contemplate US tour

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Nisennenmondai Live! Cover Art

Nisennenmondai is a band that must be experienced live. Of course, that's easier said than done when they live half a world away. The amazing trio of girls from Japan who play rhythmically-focused noise pop have become the favorite of many of the genre's purveyors; Battles, Hella and Sonic Youth all have namedropped Nisennenmondai as a band to see. Yet, some 11-years into their existence, they've only hit our shores once (for CMJ no less). Although, they did send us these pretty sweet photos.

At least now we can hear what we can't see. Dropping their first live album to coincide with a European tour in late May, the girls will release NISENNENMONDAI LIVE!!! on their own imprint, Bijin Records, on June 3, with the digital version available May 9. Until then, they're offering up the track “Fan”, which you can stream below, or grab for free download until May 8 over at their website.

While those in the Europe will be lucky enough to witness the band in person, us in the States (especially on the east coast) have been cursed with a geographical challenge, although we may be lucky enough to see them sometime soon. According to their management, they're looking into the possibility of US dates, which currently stands at “50/50.” Yes, that's a direct quote. In the meantime, if you have plans to go to Europe this summer or the ATP Nightmare Before Christmas in December, be sure to check them out. It may prove to be your last chance.

Nisennenmondai European tour dates:

May 25 Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, Spain
May 26 Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival, Dudingen, Switzerland
May 27 Palace, St Gallen, Switzerland
May 28 Spot Festival, Aarhus, Denmark
May 29 Festsaal, Belin, Germany
May 30 Strand, Stockholm, Sweden
June 1 Mixtape Distortion 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark (afternoon)
June 1 Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, Denmark (night)
June 3 Temps Machine, Tours, France
June 4 Nuits Sonores Festival, Lyon, France
Dec. 10 All Tomorrow's Parties Nightmare Before Christmas, Butlin Holiday Centre, Minehead, UK