Odd Future to appear on Jimmy Fallon

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Seems like only yesterday blah blah blah. The collective that throws the biggest birdie to the media is getting some of the best blowjobs Jimmy Fallon (Feb 16) and the leftfield press* can provide, considering the limited time and availability Tyler the Creator and dudes can supply. Just wait for the shit show they've orchestrated for SXSW, the kind of circus you'd expect the crew to clown rather than perform at. Their songs are great, but how much time does talent really buy? Is another three months of it all too much? Some XL label still needs to slip these guys a Billboard slot and slew them through a festival circuit meltdown.

It'll be “interesting” to see how this all goes down, in the same way that it is “interesting” to write about Wavves selling weed grinders, because some kind of stupid shit's gotta pay the internet traffic bills.

Never forget: they sucked live.

Still, maybe they'll do this one and bring the props.

*(“Fuck every label and magazine in here!”)