Palberta and No One and the Somebodies Announce Split, Begin Tour

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Palberta, No One and the Somebodies, Chips for Dinner

If melodies, standard song structure, and what your mom would describe as “good music” aren’t your thing, then here’s some welcome news: Palberta and No One and the Somebodies will be releasing a split cassette tomorrow called Chips for Dinner. This out-of-the-box union was created by a new Brooklyn-based label, Underdog Pop Records. Although they only have one album under their belt so far, McDonald’s by TURBOSLEAZE, Underdog Pop have already planned a host of future releases from the likes of Huge Pupils, Big Neck Police, Dog, and more.

Palberta open Chips for Dinner with their characteristic brand of dark, gonzo humor. Following in the footsteps of their last record, Shitheads in the Ditch, the Upstate New York trio take barely controlled nosedives into sparse, jagged disarray. The Bronx-based brothers No One and the Somebodies then continue their decade-plus-long precedent of frenetic arrangements played at breakneck speed, breaking occasionally for sludgy heaviness and contemplative confessionals.

The tape will be available at the merch tables of the bands’ upcoming shows. Thankfully for those looking to purchase it (and for those excited to see them live), Palberta are embarking on a staggeringly thorough summer tour that covers most of the continent and kicks off tonight at Brooklyn’s Silent Barn. They’ll be joined by No One and the Somebodies for the first few of these shows as well. Dates are below, and it’s going to be a crazy ride, as seen in Palberta’s tour video.

Chips for Dinner is streaming now at Gimme Tinnitus.

Palberta tour dates

29 Brooklyn, NY at Silent Barn &
30 Philadelphia, PA at The LAVA Space &

01 Washington, DC &
02 Harrisonburg, VA &
03 Richmond, VA &
04 Norfolk, VA
05 Athens, GA at the Secret Squirrel $
06 Atlanta, GA at 529 $
07 Savannah, GA $
08 Birmingham, AL at Syndicate Lounge $
09 Nashville, TN $
10 Memphis, TN $
11 New Orleans, LA at Adult Swim $
12 Houston, TX
13 Austin, TX at Hotel Vegas
14 Denton, TX at Rubber Glove’s Rehearsal Studios
16 Albuquerque, NM at The Raptor House
17 Phoenix, AZ at The Trunk Space
19 Los Angeles, CA at The Church of Fun
20 Los Angeles, CA at Ham & Eggs
21 Oakland, CA at Vinyl Oakland
22 San Francisco, CA at the Knockout
24 Stockton, CA
26 Portland, OR at Valentine
27 Seattle, WA at The Black Lodge
28 Missoula, MT at Zootown Arts Community Center
29 Salt Lake City, UT
31 Denver, CO at GLOB

01 Omaha, NE at Sweatshop Gallery
02 Iowa City, IA #
03 Minneapolis, MN at Secret Service #
04 Milwaukee, WI at Cocoon Room #
05 Chicago, IL at Archer Beach House #
06 Detroit, MI at The Painted Lady #
07 Athens, OH at the Smiling Skull #
08 Cleveland, OH
09 Pittsburgh, PA at Spirit
10 Toronto, ON at Next Level Syndicate
11 Buffalo, NY at Mohawk Place %
12 Boston, MA at Deep Thoughts JP %
13 Providence, RI at Spark City %
14 Brooklyn, NY at Palisades %

& No One and the Somebodies
$ Vern
# Gods Wisdom
% Big Neck Police