Phife honors De La

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ATCQin1990s, Phife Dawg

Peas porridge in the pot, 2009 years old. If you don't understand the reference, you need to chiggidy-check yourself, son.

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban are reportedly working on a De La Soul dedication mixtape called Le Da Soul, possibly in the same vein as J. Period's The [Abstract] Best mixtape. Honestly, I can only hope that is the case as J. Period's mixtape was one of the best of 2009.

Phife Dawg reworking De La's “Peas Porridge” is good fucking news. The Five-Foot Assassin honors the original, flipping his style as though he were the fourth Plug. After De La reworked “Excursions” earlier this year, it's beautiful to see Tribe return the respect. Hopefully more Native Tongues will follow suit and contribute to this mixtape. I could go for a “Buddy '09” collaboration all in my face. mmmmmmhhhhmmmmm yeeeaaaaah.

Still no news of a release for the Le Da Soul mixtape, but trust that we're patroling blogs and Mick Boogie's site with eagle eyes for updates. We might even make a visit to Youngstown, OH and ask Mick's mama what's the scoop on this mixtape. No worries fellas, we'll keep you aware.

Phife Dawg, “Pease Porridge '09”