Hyparaxia, “Welcome to the Now Age”

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Brooklyn future-pop prophets Prince Rama released a new single, “Welcome to the Now Age” from their upcoming album Top Ten Hits of the End of the World, a concept album for which they have adopted different band alter egos for each track. On “Welcome to the Now Age” Prince Rama adopted the attitude of a fictional band called Hyparxia, a project based on the idea of utopia and harmony that has Prince Rama shedding some of their classic dissonant, large psychedelic sound for the song.

The single, Prince Rama's third off the new album, is a sexily slick, slowed down whisper of a jam that finds the sisters Rama in a rare, calm and collected dub-state. Still, it doesn’t tell us where the album is going, Hyparxia is just one of 10 bands and my guess is that this Hyparxia might be the calmest of the concept bands on the album. Prince Rama’s amazing first two singles, “So Destroyed” or “Those Who Live for Love Will Live Forever” suggest the band could very well blow out the rest their apocalyptic themed album. Future music for the end of the world… let's hope the world sticks around for a few weeks.

Top Ten Hits of the End of the World is due out on November 6, 2012 from Paw Tracks but is already available for preorder.