PS1 fail happened because MIA wasn't drunk enough

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M.I.A. performing at PS1

According to a source close to the organizational proceedings at PS1's planned release for M.I.A.'s ///Y/, the trouble that led to a meager three song performance (two outside, one in), began when M.I.A. showed up an hour and a half late for her own show.

We posted earlier that there was organizational melee, quoting our on-site photographer, who told us that while on her way inside, M.I.A. told him
(with security around her), “I have to deal with the police.” This however, was rebuked as well. That PS1 had to shut its outdoor sound off by 9:30 was a given, and according to the organizer, “the cops never shut anything down or were ever even near the stage.”

The atmosphere on stage, where our photographer was talking to various members of M.I.A.'s entourage, was one of mild panic, mixed with the assumption that it was the police breaking down the party. Ask Maya's Twitter about that one.

Either way, the organizers managed an improvised stage inside the museum in ten minutes time, which by all acounts is an impressive feat. The stage was set, then, for M.I.A. to perform a full-length proper release show. M.I.A. refused. Unfortunately, it was not the night for her fans.

“Why? She wasn't drunk enough.”

“You heard it here first.”