Puppy Teeth Records to release Planned Parenthood benefit compilation

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Good Friends Vol 1

When things get messy in the world, it’s nice to be reminded of the people relentlessly putting in their all for a good cause. In the wake of a major funding battle for Planned Parenthood, brand new Philadelphia-based label Puppy Teeth Records have undertaken their first release, a compilation with all proceeds benefiting the organization. The compilation, which will be out both on cassette and digitally March 8—International Women’s Day—features 24 new songs with a promising roster that includes Upset, Free Cake for Every Creature, and Pile. Those who purchase a tape also get a limited edition zine with art and writing by some talented women in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Of the label, Puppy Teeth writes:

We are art-driven and socially aware. We are determined to contribute to an intelligent, loving, forward-thinking community by highlighting artists of extraordinary talent and character and by exploring the pressing issues of our time + what we can do to inspire and instigate positive change. We also like 2 party.

Noise pop duo Beverly’s jangly, uptempo contribution of “Only You Know” is a moving take on the classic Dion ballad, with Drew Citron’s soulful voice hovering over the dreamy arc of the instrumentation. The line “Only you know what you have been through” adopts new meaning in this context, as a reminder of the importance and validity of every woman’s personal experience. The song’s been imbued with a fresh sense of hope; when Citron sings, “There’s better things you’re gonna get into, and I wanna be there too,” it’s hard not to believe her.

Two additional songs from the compilation—a rousing head-nodder from garage pop act Cumstain, and No Aloha’s sweet and synthy “Diversions”—are streaming now on Bandcamp.

Good Friends Vol. 1 is due out March 8, with digital copies and cassettes available for pre-order now. Here’s to many more volumes in the future.