Sea of Bees “Gone”

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Still in these early days of June, spring lingers, with its bouts of rain and breezy warm days. So why not listen to something that fits that exact mood before summer starts vicously peeling your skin off? Sea of Bees' Julie Ann Bee knows how to tweak your heart, whether it be her with her stark and mellow vocals, or her simple, but consistantly daring and cute songs.

Her song “Gone” from the new Orangefarben LP (out now on Team Love), tells the story of how a relationship can change, grow, and depart. However, the lyrics aren't really reflected in the song itself; instead it feels like sitting on the back porch of some beautiful lakeshore house as mama brews some homemade iced tea inside. There's a particular warmth to Bee's songwriting, with her airy strums, bouncing guitar lines and light sprinklings of subtle yet overpowering organ. Her tender and frail voice is the only hint that offers anything wrong, and is a beautiful companion to her instrumentation. There lies the brilliancy of “Gone”: while the song may be about leaving, “Gone” certainly feels like home.

You can listen and download “Gone” below, and get her new album Orangefarben here.