Best thing to come from the San Fernando Valley since porn

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SFV Acid

Who doesn't love short shorts and powder blue knee-high socks? SFV Acid just released a two part music video for his mellow tracks “As Is” part one and two, and yes, there is no shortage of sock action or pallid thigh. The music videos display the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, the setting that echoes the sound and sensation of the tracks; both vigorous and dulcet. It's nice to know that porn is not the only exciting thing the San Fernando Valley has to offer.

The music videos cut back and forth, from humorous shots of Zane Reynolds (SFV Acid) seductively reclining on lawns and various public objects, to trees and the bleak buildings that paint the San Fernando Valley. The soft and warm downtempo tracks couldn't be more suitable for the bizarre and loose atmosphere of Southern California. And to be fair, who isn't a fan of seeing Zane Reynolds irresistibly guzzling a hot dog? SFV Acid's Neighborhood Archives is now out on UNO.