Star Slinger remixes Trombone Shorty

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Trombone Shorty as a Tyke

Trombone Shorty has an amusing photograph on his Wikipedia page of himself, playing the trombone at the age of five. He's surrounded by the other members of the band, but the trombone extends two solid feet on either side of his tiny body, so if the boy Trombone Shorty had tried to spin in either direction, he would have thwacked his band members really hard in the knees with the trombone.

Star Slinger, the resident Manchester chop-upper, remixed Trombone Shorty's “Do To You”. There is a New Orleans-two step beat laid underneath, with synthy barks and zippers with autotune layered throughout. It ends in a rainbow sound. Four year-old Trombone Shorty wouldn't be able to keep himself from spinning around.

Trombone SHorty, “Do To You” (Star Slinger Remix)