Stream Meyhem Lauren's collaboration with Buckwild, Silk Pyramids

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Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild

Legendary D.I.T.C. producer Buckwild must have seen a young Joey Crack, aka Fat Joe, in Queens' Meyhem Lauren, a next generation of crate-worthy talent. Ever street wise on record, Meyhem Lauren sounds at home over Buckwild production, an ideal backdrop to his lavish dinner etiquette and Lo-life escapades. Silk Pyramids is 13 tracks vintage D.I.T.C. sound that once ushered in artists like Fat Joe, A.G., and Big L, in the hands of one of Queens' finest.

Meyhem Lauren operates within the tableau of an elder statesman throughout Silk Pyramids, but the usual suspects on a Laurenovich record—like his Outdoorsmen brethren of AG Da Coroner, Hologram, and Action Broson, and his former labelhead Heems of Greedhead—remain fixtures. Opener “100 M.P.H.” sounds like Buckwild proving he can match Harry Fraud shot-for-shot, while the majority of Silk Pyramids relies on the expected soul assassination of dusty breaks that send cold chills through the speakers.

Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild's Silk Pyramids is available on iTunes.