Forget Record Store Day, TacocaT has a better weekend plan

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Tacocat 420 reddit ama

You know what's great about this coming weekend? 4/20 falls on Easter, which means you can work up a sweet appetite to wolf down that honey-glazed ham (sorry, vegetarians don't get into Heaven). There's also some manufactured capitalistic holiday not named Valentines Day going on this weekend, but that's for those who have $20 to spend on records even after we just dropped $20 on weed.

Luckily, TacocaT is here for the rest of us.

On Sunday, April 20, the band that you wish was your pot-smoking significant other is doing a Reddit AMA, answering all of your date-specific questions*. It all goes down at 6pm EST, 3pm PST, so put your thinking caps on now, because like that “awesome tweet you just had,” you're bound to forget what you wanted to ask come time.

*We're pretty sure all Hitler and Columbine references will be weeded out (see what we did there?).