The Epoch and friends are sharing new songs every day from May 5 to 12

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The Epoch crew and friends are doing a weeklong songwriting project called, appropriately, “May 5 to 12 Songs”. According to our sources, “May 5 to 12 Songs” is a project that Gabby (Eskimeaux) started last year with Greta (Frankie Cosmos), Michelle (Japanese Breakfast), Emily (Florist) and Henry (Small Wonder). From May 5 to 12, 2014, all five of those songwriters wrote, recorded, and posted a brand new song online every day—seven songs in seven days.

This year’s round includes songs written during the same date-range by 100%, Bellows, Eskimeaux, Free Cake for Every Creature, LVL Up, Small Wonder, and Told Slant. Our source goes on to tell us that, “there’s no real point to it other than to spur creative activity, and it’s a fun exercise to have to write songs very quickly, especially for bands in The Epoch who tend to dwell on records for a lot longer than they need to.”

The songs already posted include two tracks from Eskimeaux about love and spending time alone and living in your parents basement; a getting-over-it song from LVL Up; a dark tour song from Bellows, a lost love song from Told Slant, some hushed ghost whispers from 100%, a dark synth instrumental from Small Wonder, and two songs from Free Cake, including an ode to heroines such as Kimya Dawson, Lorrie Moore, Lynda Barry, and Diane di Prima that starts by denouncing problematic faves:

“john lennon shares my birthday
i used to sing his songs and wear his tee shirt
but when i learned that he beat women
i wanted nothing to do with him.
“how much deference can i afford?
how much am i willing to ignore?” (-jessica hopper)
well, not much any more
not much, if any, anymore”

You can stream Free Cake For Every Creature’s “Heroines” below, and all of the “May 5 to 12 Songs” on Soundcloud.