Night School Records to reissue a collection of The Space Lady's greatest hits

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the space lady

A cult icon from the 70s onward, The Space Lady carved out a space (heh) alongside similarly lofi weirdheads Daniel Johnston and Wesley Willis with her Casio covers of well-known songs of the era. Finding a spot on Irwin Chusid’s outsider compilation Songs in the Key of Z and then again gaining traction in later years with both John Maus and Erol Alkan, The Space Lady is prolific and important. In thirty years, her status as an artist and a busker has stayed relevant and eerily transcendent of time and genre. (See for yourself below by listening to her cover of Peter Schilling's “Major Tom”.) In a landmark release, Night School Records will reissue a compilation of The Space Lady's songs entitled The Space Lady's Greatest Hits that you can pick up through the label here. She will be embarking on a worldwide tour to promote the album, as well, details for which are forthcoming.