Boris get two-faced

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“Riot Sugar” is the first track off of Boris's upcoming Heavy Rocks and it includes the Cult's Ian Astbury on some backing vocals, but the star is still those lead guitar tones. Opening with a crunchy slab of rhythm metal guitar that bulldozes the way for a sleazy as fuck hair metal guitar lick leaking all over everything, the song quickly defies its own tropes and comes off sounding like the basic elements of a Styx song screwed hard against a wall of Melvins. Not the most pleasant situation you'll ever find yourself in, but a good bell-weather for what we'll be getting into on at least one of the two Boris albums landing on Sargent House in May.

Compare it to the track leaked off their other album, Attention Please, “Hope”, which comes from a spacey-changey kind of void where synth strings are allowed into the ascending melodies and dreamy pop vocals are only as soft as the springy drum beat. You start to see why the two albums aren't made into a double: they come from two different moons.

Boris, “Riot Sugar”

Boris, “Hope”