The World Underground releases trailer for first episode

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Devout Impose readers (Imposers?) might recognize John Yingling's name from his Gonzo Chicago section on our site, in which he tracks the underground music scene in Chicago (and Missoula, Montana). The name is shared with Yingling's Vimeo account, which provides video proof of these scenes. Since then, Yingling's expanded his scope beyond the confines of this country.

Last year, he used Indiegogo to crowdfund a new project called “The World Underground”. The goal of the project is to counter that all-too-common question about music today: “Where's the best new music coming from?” In trying to find the answer, Yingling has traveled around the world to document various underground music scenes in order to prove it.

Yingling just dropped the trailer for the series' first episode on China (featuring artists like Skip Skip Ben Ben, Hi Person, and The Maples), and the full episode is set for a release sometime this summer. You can watch the trailer below, and read about his Underground China experience here.