The Wrens play The Meadowlands

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The Wrens, 1991, reunion, The Meadowlands

The Wrens are playing three shows in December to celebrate/humorously depreciate 20 years as a band.

The Wrens prove self-depreciative humor is as timeless as its timeserving classic record The Meadowlands. The blog work on The Wrens' website has always been cheeky, but the photo-breakdown of the first band photo in 1991 is comedy gold.

For all The Wrens' “we're out of touch old men” jokes, I have several fond memories of those old dudes visiting my college campus and rocking a bunch of teenage/20-age socks off. Plus, they were totally polite and gracious in declining to come to our house and bong beers. To this day, when I don't want to appear old and out of touch I tell young people, “I would enjoy that but I have to drive back to New Jersey tonight.”

If you don't know by now, The Wrens are playing three shows at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ in December to celebrate its legacy. Billed as “No Country For Old Wrens,” December 3 is an all-request old Wrens songs night, in which they might regale you with band stories. The second night The Wrens will play The Meadowlands front to back, or as they put it, “the one time you’ll probably ever hear ’13 months in 6 minutes’ or whatever it is and ‘ex-grille confection’.” The final night will be an early show featuring The Wrens playing all new material.

We've still got a year until we can collectively shit our brains out in Central Park to a Pavement reunion; appreciate another 90's time capsule, while you wait.