Tonight is the pizza party of your dreams

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Max and Kevin (Kevin being the head honcho of What's Your Rupture Records) have been living their dream of combining two things they love: pizza and party, and turning it into the appropriately titled Pizza Party (both the East Village radio show, and the happy hour at the East Village bar, Heathers). And just like Kevin and Max, a couple of other people had a dream: to create a film about the Show-Biz Pizza band, The Rock-afire Explosion.

Tomorrow night in New York City, the two sets of dreams will converge and make what is possibly, no, what is definitely the best pizza party of your life. All the info for the night of pizza is below, but I had to ask Kevin and Max a few questions to make sure they were serious about their love of pizza, and this wasn't some ploy to get me to schlep out to Manhattan.

Okay, be honest, why do you guys love pizza so much?

I hate cheese and look for pizza without it, or take it off which, let me tell you, taking cheese off your pizza is gross and doesn't
impress. Thankfully I have these friends Nick Matt Jess, and I know they're friends because they eat the pulled cheese instead of
letting it gob up my plate.

Are you ever sad that you don't like cheese?

I'm sad that I don't like cheese because there are probably a million tastes and flavors that I'll only experience through watching.

Is there a best slice of pizza in New York?

Lil Frankies. Obviously.

Alright, final question: The Noid vs. Chucky Cheese in a death match, who wins, and how?

If memory serves me correctly, the main objectives in avoiding The Noid are freshness and punctuality, So as long as Chuck E. Cheese shows up showered, in shape, and on time, The Noid would be defenseless and easily destroyed.

The Rock-afire Explosion

Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue, 7:15 pm
20 free pizzas in the lobby courtesy of Lil' Frankie's.

Then: Pizza After-Party With DJs Max and Kev, more free pizza.
Heathers Bar 506 E 13th St (btwn A+B)
10pm – Late

Listen to Pizza Party with Max and Kevin every Thursday from 4-6pm at EVR.