Post Author: Meredith Schneider
As cosmic rock duo DREAMERS head out on tour with The Griswolds in support of their release This Album Does Not Exist, they have curated a little road trip playlist to share with us. So listen, and you might be inspired by the same stuff they are!

The 1975 – “Somebody Else”
This song has been getting a lot of play for a while now but we’re far from tired of it. It’s just too damn good.  Driving from a show at2am with the street lights flashing through the van, coming down from the high of performing; this entire album is the jam.
Sundara Karma – “Loveblood”
This band is a recent discovery for us and this track rocks. Echoes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, even a little Arcade Fire. Stuff we love. I also have my own theories of what this song is about… but it’s pretty weird. Weird enough not to say out loud. Curious what other people think on this one.
Braves – “A Toast”
Didn’t know about this band until Jacob starred in their music video and have been OBSESSED with the song ever since. It’s a break-up gut punch of a song.  Makes me want to cry and dance at the same time. If you see one of us weeping on the dance floor, this song is probably to blame.
Childish Gambino – “Me and Your Mama”
The vibes on this album. Damn. It’s cosmic funk on a level that hasn’t been articulated this beautifully since P-Funk and Sly and the Family, etc. If you’re into… medicinal herbs.. and chilling out hard, spin this album. We will be.
Iggy Pop – “Some Weird Sin”
“Things get too straight, I can’t bear it! I feel stuck, stuck on a pin” That’s when Iggy needs some weird sin. Just to relax with. Amen brother. The beauty of tour is that things get weird.  It’s never boring. This is our anthem for keeping it real, pushing boundaries and LIVING.   It’s too short to be boring. As long as it isn’t hurting anyone, treat yourself to some fun once in a while.
Zella Day – “Man On The Moon”
This song feels like a classic rock sweet spot, while at the same time being totally fresh.  Can always rely on this track from the ever lovely Zella Day to chill me out and make the day OK.
Longpigs – “She Said”
Do you even know about this 90’s throwback jam? I think it’s fully time to turn on the 90’s and Longpigs are the ticket back in time. This is pure raw pure poetry man. Did you know ‘long pig’ is a term some cannibal tribes used for human meat? Creepy!
Tame Impala – “The Moment”
A deep cut from their latest album, this song is perfect for driving on a long lost desert highway at night.  As your doctor I advise you to light some incense in the car, crack a window and enjoy the ride.
Oasis – “Don’t Look Back In Anger”
Sometimes you just wanna feel the feels you know? Oasis still got em.
Pink Floyd – “Echoes”
WARNING – this song is only for the intrepid road tripper, in for the long haul, who is willing to get deep and vibe out for a long stretch of space and time.  At a whopping 23-and-a-half minutes, this song is not radio friendly, nor is it geared for the clickbait A.D.D. attention span of the internet age.  But it’s truly great, rad, cool, and deep.  And it might slow down your heart rate and take you back to a better time, when the earth moved slower and we were where we were.

DREAMERS w/ The Griswolds:
2/9 Portland OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
2/12 San Diego CA @ The Casbah
2/14 Phoenix AZ @ Valley Bar
2/17 Austin TX @ Mohawk
2/18 Houston TX @ White Oak Music Hall
2/19 Dallas TX @ Cambridge Room
2/22 Atlanta GA @ Masquerade – Hell Stage
2/23 Carrboro NC @ Cat’s Cradle
2/24 Washington DC @ U Street Music Hall
2/25 Philadelphia PA @ The Foundry
2/27 Cambridge MA @ The Sinclair
2/28 New York NY @ Bowery Ballroom
3/2 Toronto ON @ Velvet Underground
3/3 Buffalo NY @ The Waiting Room
3/4 Burlington VT @ Higher Ground
3/7 Columbus OH @ A&R Music Bar
3/9 Detroit MI @ El Club
3/10 Chicago IL @ Double Door
3/12 Minneapolis MN @ Triple Rock
3/14 Kansas City MO @ Record Bar
3/16 Denver CO @ Marquis Theatre
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