Winter Mix

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Riding high off their most recent release “Avoid” (see: below), electro-pop/new wave collective Tesla Boy (Anton Sevidov, Mikhail Studnitsyn, Leonid Zatagin, and Stan Astakhov) is coming in hot with a new winter themed playlist, exclusively for Impose. So check out the smooth, robust sound of the new track, and then press PLAY on your weekend with their curated list below!

Cfcf – Jump out of the train (Anton Sevidov)
«I’ve been listening to this song on tour. It’s really like the snow-capped peaks and the distant lights of the winter stars.»

Kadhja Bonet – Francisco (Stan Astakhov)
«Charming, absolutely amazing song. Gorgeous vocal and excellent bass line. I can listen to it several times in a circle, and I never get bored.»
New Order – Regret (Leo Zatagin)
«One of the first New Order’s songs, which i’ve heard from them many years ago. Lately i’ve heard it again on a New Year’s party and was pleasantly surprised, because almost forgot about it.»
Robert Glasper Experiment — Day to Day (Michael Studnitsyn)
«His tracks are always in my playlist. «Day to Day» is the freshest one.»
Marcus Marr – Rocketship (Stan Astakhov)
«My absolute favorite — explosion, firework! Seriously, there is nothing to add more.»
Black Madonna – He is the voice i hear (Leo Zatagin)
«Disco-thriller, was released recently, but I think it will stay in my playlist for a long time, because of its excellent vintage grooves and unpredictable extension.»
Chance the Rapper – All night (feat. Knox Fortune) (Michael Studnitsyn)
«Love this track so much!!! Makes me wanna dance all the time and everywhere»
Midnight Mystery Club – Calling Me (Pioneerball Remix) (Stan)
«I’m really proud of this my remix. It was made especially for dancing the whole severe Russian winter.»
Roosevelt – Moving On (Leo Zatagin)
«This track is playing in my headphones quite often, usually when i’m traveling. It has very warm and inspiring atmosphere.»
Justice – Stop (Michael Studnitsyn)
«An excellent combination of synths from the 80s with vintage guitars and drums.»
Kofe – Zero (Stan Astakhov)
Soviet Union times new wave masterpiece, still sounds fresh and cool.

Eduard Artemiev — Meditation (Anton Sevidov)
«One of the most brilliant soundtracks to this genius movie. Artemiev — was a soviet classic of electronic music. Almost all of his music has winter atmosphere for me.»


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