Evalyn presents the sounds of Venice beach

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Singer songstress Evalyn recently released the beautifully crafted EP “Sandcastle” last month at the end of October. With many relatable concepts in the EP itself, Evanlyn also gives analogies about the current political state in the US today. Here is the Single “Ride Or Die” the most personal and inspirational track off the EP.

The Venice beach native lets us hear the deep roots from her curated playlist “The sounds of Venice Beach”. Below she tells us about her music selections,
“Venice isn’t typically considered the epicenter of music in a city like Los Angeles, but this local scene is definitely an up and coming one.  With new DIY and small venues starting to maintain a presence in the area, there’s more and more music migrating to Venice. I used to work on the boardwalk, it’s still one of my favorite parts of town, and it is packed with talented street performers singing, playing or doing spoken word within earshot everywhere you go. So here’s a selection of some of my favorite new songs or artists from the area. Some of these artists are local, some are transplants, some are boardwalk performers or contributors in their own unique way. Together I think they all create a vibrant sound that is distinctly Venice Beach. ”