Impose Playlist – Secrets of Ascend from Crashing Atlas


What inspired Ascend from Crashing Atlas? Listen to find out.

I chose “For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic” and “crushcrushcrush” by Paramore to start off the playlist. “Ascend” is a very angst ridden song, full of frustration and attitude and Paramore definitely helped to inspire that. “Ascend” was written about a real life situation, so I though those two Paramore songs fit the mood pretty well.
I threw some Palisades songs, “Let Down” and “Better Chemicals”, in there as well. As a band, we all love listening to Palisades. Whether we’re all together and jamming to them to warm up and get hyped, or sitting at home listening to them, it’s a band we all mutually like and love. Their music also has a lot of attitude and gets me in the mood to write some songs full of sass and catchy lines.
It wouldn’t be a playlist without some Royal Blood. Dougie and I LOVE this band. “Figure It Out” and “Little Monster” always have me yelling the words as loud as I can when they come on the radio or my playlist, so I knew they’d be a good fit for this one.
Next, I decided to throw in “Enemies” by Shinedown. It’s such an angry song and whenever I’m in a bad mood, I always find myself listening to it. It gets me inspired and makes me want to jam at that exact moment.
Last, but certainly not least, “Eyelids” by PVRIS. We get a lot of comparisons to this band (which I won’t complain about one bit) and it’s amazing because I actually listened to this song a lot when I was writing for the album. I’ve found that listening to “Eyelids”, along with every other song on the “White Noise” album, brings a lot of emotions to a head and helps me to write out my feelings which is what “Ascend” (as a title track and as an EP) was all about.​