SISU, Juan Wauters, and braving the winter weather

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On our latest episode of Nothing Urgent, we talk with a host of friends while the weather beats New York into a slushy pulp. SISU, in town from LA, and Juan Wauters, visiting Brooklyn from his haunt in Queens, swing by the studio at The Heritage Radio Network to discuss songwriting, their own weather woes, and a very special Patrick Stewart sighting. The musicians and our hosts, Chris Robbins and Derek Evers, are then joined by Nelson Vaz of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to get to the bottom of our crappy winter, and he reveals if there is any hope for the near future.

You can stream the full episode at this link, then tune in with us live every Wedneday from 6:30 onward to hear more from the esteemed forces behind Impose Magazine.