Old Money on the Mysteries of the Universe

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On March 19th, Eric hosted Old Money’s Ahmad Julian on the radio show where we discuss Amhad and Andre Oswald’s fifteen year friendship, the neglected genius of rapper Gafh, Black religious societies such as the 5 Percent Nation and Nuwaubian Nation, we ponder the cosmology of the universe and debate if we can ever really fully know the whole of existence, we discuss Afrofuturism’s past (and how Afrofuturism in music may be on a down turn), we get another piece in the Black People Love Kenny G puzzle, we discuss future consciousness, how Afrofuturism serves an optimism in the face of oppression, we discuss how Old Money operates as a unit (on stage on in the studio), we get Amhad’s debut DJ set, we discuss the merits of various DJ styles and techniques, we break the sad news that Old Money may be no more in the near future and we both got a hell of a lot of books to read before we meet again.

Books Referenced

Egyptomania by Bob Bier

The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby

Here’s the Graph’s “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” freestyle we mention

Track List:
Le1f – Hey
Prince Fatty – For Me You Are (feat Hollie Cook)
Subactive – Pepper Dem (feat Speng Bond)
Danny Red – Crack Seller Man
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Divorce a l’italienne (feat. Marina P) [Mungos’ HiFi Mix]
New Kidz HD – Push Back
Old Money
Old Money – Gargon
Old Money – Mothership

Grafh – Bang Out
Cybotron – Clear
Old Money – Uhura

Ahmad Julian DJ Set

Old Money – Ayahuasca

Old Money’s Mothership EP is out March 28th