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If you talk about music with a random French person he will probably tell you that the best pop/rock music comes from the UK and that the best electronic/club/rap music comes from the US. This cliché is rampant, just because we’re obsessed with the Beatles or with Diplo and few people know anything in between. But anyone who is a true music-lover and has an experience of the underground UK scene knows that it’s wrong. The most innovative and proactive producers actually hail from the UK and they strongly impact the global electronic music scene.

What makes them different : the smart sound, the inventiveness, the artist’s personality

Hudson Mohawke – Chimes

Chimes was the first HudMo’s track I heard and it was a life-changer. I could feel that special energy of trap music but with an additional sense of fun and easy-going vibes. Chimes’ really good karma still haunts me ! And he’s from Glasgow 🙂

Jon Hopkins – Immunity

There’s so much femininity and poetry in Hopkins’ work, it’s puzzling. It’s super emotional and sensuous. Collider is also a really captivating piece but Immunity has a wintery, Sigur-Rossy colour which makes it really special.

Rustie – Slasherr

This guy makes crowds go nuts. You know the night won’t be the same after you play one of Rustie’s tracks on a DJ-set. Instant floorfiller. He’s able to captivate the underground, middlestream and mainstream audiences altogether which is a true achievement.

Koreless – 4D

Koreless is a visionary producer. Combining chopped vocals with crazy good synths and housy beats is now a huge trend. But he did that 5 years ago already, as it can be heard on 4D. It’s lightful and thoughtful.

Stumbleine – Glacier

I have a weakness for shimmer reverbs,  cocooning guitars and heavy-but-smooth bass sections. Stumbleine found a perfect equilibrium with Glacier.

Andy Stott – Numb

Who can make a single repetitive word (touch) sound so great and so deep that you dream of it at night ? Once you’ve listened to Numb, you will feel that your own vocal recordings will never be good enough. Thanks Andy Stott.

Max Richter – November

In France we have our beloved Yann Tiersen. You guys in the UK have Max Richter. It is the art of modern symphony at its best. It’s dramatic, romantic and melancholy. You can listen to it all day long and still ask for more.

Micachu – Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill

She’s everything but the girl next door. Micachu seems to be that kind of person who has no ego issues. Everything about her is raw and unpretentious. But everything she produces is liquid gold.

Planningtorock – Human Drama

No here’s a really strong transgenre ego rambling in a surrealistic and prophetic universe. Love the vocals (reminiscent of Anthony and the J.), the 80’s groove, and the string sections of Human Drama. A shame he is not known very well known in France.

Gazelle Twin – Obelisk

One of the freshest things I’ve heard of recently. The music video for this track in particular is an absolute, what-the-hell, stunner.

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