We build a collage of sounds with Becca Kauffman and Master Cactus

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On Wednesday December 4th, Eric Phipps returned from Thanksgiving week with special guest Becca Kauffman, the editor of Master Cactus Tape, a cassette tape magazine dedicated to exploring sound as art, moving beyond music to try and capture sound and present it in a unique and deliberate manner. On the show we talk about the history of underground Cassette Tape Magazines, the artists involved, what it takes to get your physical tapes into stores, what she has lined up next for the magazine and we discuss Negativland and play a whole host of really unique and interesting experimental sound based art.

It's pretty rad.

A lot of the older material is pulled from UbuWeb which was started in 1996 as a way to catalog avant garde art on the internet. There are exetensive archives of more sound art like we played here and if you're interested in getting a sense of the depth of what is available, we really recommend you check it out.

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Winterbear – Should I Stay?
Negative Scanner – Ambitious People
Saintes – Cette Fille
Gen Ken Montgomery – Pink or Blue
Mechanical Sterility – Tom Didn't Get the Right Gift
Accent for a Start – Song for Edwina
Louise Lawler – Birdcalls
Master Cactus – Fucked Up Missing Persons Record
Master Cactus – J Dept Store Bedroom Sets
Isaac Gillespie – The Housing Project
Bill Baird – God's Balls
Bill Ill – Old Joke
Negativeland – The Letter U And The Numeral 2
Amy Von Harrington – Tags
The Best of – Strings
Emily Burke – Chinese Cranberries