Zilla Rocca on the phone, Yvette on the mic

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Zilla Rocca
Photo of Zilla Rocca by Eric Phipps

For our latest episode, we have a special, double header. Philadelphia rapper Zilla Rocca talks to us about getting into noir, the process of rapping, how his new mixtape Neo Noir differs from previous projects, his history with electronic music and heading out on tour with Premrock, Curly Castro and DJ Halo.

Unfortunately, the audio cut out at the beginning of our conversation, but you didn’t miss much except for introductions. He’s the Rapper, I’m the DJ. Now you’re caught up.

Zilla Rocca Tour

We also had Yvette in the studio to discuss the proper pronunciation of their name, about antecedents for their sound, the Godmode Enters Fall record release show, why Art Blakey is the greatest, making their guitars sound like anything but guitars and our hopes for an upcoming tour.

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ANAMAI – Black Crow
Gruf the Druid – Yamaha Tobasca
Mogwai – Remurdered
Vex Ruffin – Living for the Future
Quelle Chris – Ghost at the Finish Line
Zilla Rocca vs Mexicans with Guns – Crack The Heavens
Olatunji – Akiwowo
Gang Starr- Work
Robert Fripp – Under Heavy Manners
Executive Slacks – Our Lady
Robert Quine/ Fred Maher – Summer Storm
Mars – Helen Fordsdale
Scorpion Violent – Ray Ov Gold
Digital Leather – Simulator
Yvette – Pure Pleasure
Yvette – Cuts Me In Half