Russian Baths, "Slenderman"

Bubbling up out of the NYC underground, noise-rockers Russian Baths experiment with dark, ethereal atmospheres with squalls of feedback and powerful rhythms. Their debut EP, Penance, is on the way and is lead by the high octane, running-for-your-life-in-a-dark-forest single “Slenderman.” Jess Rees’ (guitar, vox) haunting vocals hypnotize and draw you deeper and deeper into the inferno, the flames stoked by blistering guitars.
Speaking on what drew the band to the Slenderman myth, Luke Koz (guitar, vox) shared in an interview with New Noise Magazine, “We treat Joans of Arc differently these days, but still not in the best manner.”
Stream Russian Baths’ “Slenderman” below and pre-order Penance out February 23rd via Good Eye Records