Andrew McCutchen is your new favorite baseball player

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Andrew McCutchen salute

Andrew McCutchen is a center fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates who posted a .314 batting average with 25 Homes Runs and 83 RBIs in 2014. But recently he contributed to the athlete pr machine website, The Players Tribute, where he completed their What the (Blank)? segment. His answers will give you reason to cheer for McCutchen for the rest of the season.


SAME! John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” is one of the biggest blights of baseball related entertainment, and should only be played in bars that serve as nostalgia factories for middle-aged guys with father issues. Crank up “Field of Dreams” in the same place too and it’s basically a psychedelic sensory overload for the Bud Light crowd.


I am glad you are a fearless man, cause this is pretty minor. I mean, your biggest nightmare could be that spiders grow to the size of Redwood trees and nobody would blink.


We got you. #4twenty


We were all with you until the end. I get that it’s probably a good combination of the savory and the sweet, but man that’s a lot of flavors popping off in one sandwich.


Baller move, Andrew.


Who said it? Where are they? We’ll show em how much of a hippie you are! (Well, there is that Denver thing)