Bryce Harper: Health Goth icon

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Bryce Harper is the star on a Washington Nationals team that is filled with them. The 22-year-old power-hitting outfielder got off to a slow start to the 2015 season, but in the past ten days he’s hitting .500 with 14 hits, seven Home runs, two doubles and 16 RBIs. Add in his seven walks, and he’s reaching base 60-percent of the time he steps to the plate. In that span, the Nats have gone 6-2 and are now alone in second place of the NL East, trailing the NY Mets by only one game.

But one of the lesser reported stories about Harper’s ascension this year is how his personal style is now leading the fledgling Health Goth scene. In the Venn Diagram of subcultures where gym rats meet guys in black, health goth exists—we assume—to lure in bullies to make fun of you so you can kick their ass.

Here are but a few of Bryce Harper’s signifying Health Goth looks.


The War Paint

First made popular by Alice Cooper, Harper’s black-metal eye paint makes all the Health Goths jelly. An early signature look in his career, he’s cut back on this look recently, although word has it he still rocks it at the clubs.

The Blood

Bryce harper stitches

Harper had some stitches come out during a game and got this cool visual. How many Health Goths are bleeding out during Hood By Air runway shows? Thought so.

The Haircut


That haircut is straight out of the Hospital Productions lineup circa 2008. Dom Fernow is trying to get Harper’s number to figure out what product he uses.


The Authority Problem

Last season, Harper was benched by his manager Matt Williams for not hustling out a ground ball.

Bryce Harper will run when Bryce Harper wants to run.