Justin Bieber aka Baby Iverson aka the Canadian Ankle Breaker aka Maple Sizzurp Lite

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Justin Bieber

Hours after dropping one of the most beautifully self-aware and arrogant films of all time, Justin Bieber released another teaser for his highly anticipated And1 mixtape:

Though it doesn't quite contain the same ferocity and mean-mugging as his earlier basketball clip, it has all the requisite qualities to make it an instant Bieber Classic. There's the unfortuante shill, this time played by his manager, Scooter Braun, who's forced to feign defense long enough for Swaggy B to pick his spot and then get to doing what Swaggy B does best: breaking ankles.

There's the delayed “ohhh” from those off-camera, said with a passion that seems to indicate an interest only in the manner of, “hey we're in Swaggy B's presence, there might be collateral swag for us.” And then the classic ender is, as it always is, an unsure Swaggy B looking at but not into the camera lens, trying to his best to convince us, and most likely, himself that he's not ghosting on fumes, that there is in fact a high plateau within reach; watch me flex, I am a Belieber.

This probably isn't enough to convince the Knicks to sign him, but it definitely isn't enough to not convince them to sign him.