Robin Lopez is your favorite basketball player you don’t know yet

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Robin Lopez, a quiet six-year veteran of the Portland Trail Blazers is currently on the mend after fracturing two fingers on his right hand. But we here at Impose want you to be steps ahead of your friends by claiming him as your favorite NBA player in time for his return to the court. First off, look at that mop of hair; it’s like Sideshow Bob. But this Lopez is no sideshow. May we list the ways you can enjoy Robin.

His fans are called The Fropez Nest


He has some hot takes on Cleopatra Slash Fiction

He has feuds with all the mascots of the NBA

He is a HUGE Simpsons fan

So much that Rolling Stone interviewed him about what episodes were his favorite.

He likes cats

I wish, buddy.

Despite all the money he makes in the NBA, he has his spending priorities in order

He has a Twin Brother

Robin’s brother, Brook, is a center for the Brooklyn Nets and despite the family connection, Robin holds no punches when dealing with Brook as an opponent.

“It’s no surprise that they held him out as long as they did last year,” Robin joked after the Blazers beat the Charlotte Hornets. “I’m sure people were just sick of traveling and being around him. So, they probably didn’t want him around the team or anything.”

In addition to all of these facts, Robin is a key part of the Trail Blazers, who are currently second in the Western conference and, if health prevails, Robin’s average of 9.6 points and 7.2 rebounds a game will keep them in contention. So grab an orange afro wig, put on an old Blazers jersey (bonus points if it’s Bonzi Wells) and get on the Fropez Bandwagon!