Stream PC Worship’s Social Rust LP

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There’s nothing nice when it comes to a PC Worship record. Expect depraved shredding, doom-ridden passages of sludge, and deadpan chants. The toxic defenders of DIY noise spearheaded by Justin Frye follow-up last year’s Beat Punk LP [New Images LTD] with the Social Rust LP, a bathing and combing of the monster’s coarse, filthy coat.

While hundreds of instruments, both salvaged and self-constructed, exist in Frye’s DIY “Le Wallet” warehouse, for Social Rust he limits the tinkering and avant-garde for recordings that course through traditional rock formulas, albeit without sacrificing the band’s deeply rooted depravity. The death knell of “Public Shrine” maintains the doomed skronk and drone experimentalism, while “Baby In The Backroom” strips away with filth for an acoustic ballad with a hint of tinnitus. While “Public Shrine” and “Baby In The Backroom” are the polars, residing in the rocky center is “Rust”, a hypnotic discovery of “Venus In Furs” in a junkyard, covered in rust from years of disregard.

PC Worship’s Social Rust is out September 9 on Northern Spy/Dull Tools.