The Naomi Punk punking continues

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Continuing our newfound penchant for hard-hitting investigative journalism, we at Impose are moving along with our global-scale probe of those damned pranksters, Naomi Punk. The Olympia, WA grungy indie-rockers are fucking with us all.

First we established that new album lead single/titular track “Television Man” sounds a whole lot like a track off their first album, The Feeling, and now we’re continuing our paranoid streak: newly premiered song “Firehose Face” sounds a lot like “Voodoo Trust” off their first LP (incidentally, both are the opening track on their respective albums). This isn’t a knock on the band—the songs, old and new, kick ass—but it’s weird and we want to know just what’s going on. When we emailed the band about the first pair of songs, all they replied back was “smells like teen spirit vs rape me.” The Washington air apparently breeds great musicians who double as huge smart-asses. Well, “Firehose Face”—AKA “Voodoo Trust” 2.0—is a more blistering version, one where the band’s trademark nauseous fist-pumps are raised to even more exultant heights. The chorus, like its precursor, is huge, and, similarities aside, the song stays true—or false—to what we know and love about the consistently great group. But we’re not done with investigation. Not by a long shot.

But whatever, we’re still psyched for the new album—Television Man is out August 5th on Captured Tracks.

“Firehose Face”

“Voodoo Trust”