Chelsea Wolfe's abstract world

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chelsea wolfe

I watch the horror, I watch the haunting. I wash it off. I hold you at a distance so I can keep you sacred. I might be a demon. You might be. If we never know we'll never have to be nostalgic about it. We can keep it crystal. Sometimes we like unanswered questions. Maybe because we know there are not answers to certain questions. Because we know/think/know there is nothing we can do about certain things. We can only resonate energy. Receive energy.

Glaring human energies. Eyes, like dark wells. Deep, static water staring out from a motionless circle. Sometimes drained, emotionless. Sometimes so full of neon liquid sparkle I can barely catch my breath.

In the future, the past is bent. You wore your mask of sorrows. Maybe someone came back to tell you that you shouldn't hope for nothing. Such a beautiful time to forget about all this. Such a beautiful world – I'm sorry that it's so covered in insanity. Let me see your hands. Let me see the underneath part of your tongue. That alien landscape holds so many secrets. Like the heart of a man, like the tide and the moon. Like you don't belong to any town. Like so much time spent on indecision. Like I never was a child.

(Like I see all things will seem.)

I'll wear my coat of fur and you'll hide your silver in your mouth. We'll be in the kind lands and we'll live together. Those scenes and images, that sumptuous weather. “The whole night wondering and asleep: I suppose that's what we do in death – sleep in wonder.”

Chelsea Wolfe's Ἀποκάλυψις is out August 23 on Pendu Sound.