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cities aviv

I tried to come up with a cool theme but I failed. So instead here is a list of 7 tracks that I like so much to the point that I get chills. Listen to all of these songs to release your inner ghost or simply play loud while you are highly faded.

Sweet and Innocent, “Express Your Love”

An early 70s Memphis soul gem. The first time I heard this track I was immediately attracted to the smoky atmospheric sounds coming from these two teen girls. They remain fairly unknown as no one has contacted either of these girls over the years. One of my favorite songs to come out of Memphis. Period.

Main Attrakionz, “Chuch”

Main Attrakionz continue to amaze the shit out of me and this track is no different. Mondre's verse is pretty much perfect on this one.

Jim Sullivan, “Plain As Your Eyes Can See”

I've always been fascinated with this urge to disappear or vanish without a trace and I feel like this song totally feeds into that. That being said, this song isn't haunting because of a single chord or hook but more so the relation to Jim's actual disappearance in the desert sometime in 1975. Simply put it's raw and beautiful. “I have decided to part from you as company.”

Maria Minerva, “Hop Hop Gone In Spring”

Ultra clouded groove. I've been watching NNF for a while and this is one reason why.

Fat Joe, “The Shit Is Real” (DJ Premier Remix)

Before Fat Joe became a free agent for every bad radio remix he dropped this gem. Still one of my favorite Premo beats.

Three Six Mafia, “Da Summa”

I was staying in Brooklyn for a month earlier over the summer and this was probably the only song that made me miss home.

Joe Brown and the Soul Elderados, “Vibration Part 2”

This song is last on my list because I can recall a ton of nights after a show or shitty party where this was the last track I heard before giving in to sleep. The vocals are pleasantly intense over the seemingly drugged instrumentation. This track will forever be burned into my memories.