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Blur, “Star Shaped”

“Modern Life Is Rubbish” is potentially the best Brit Pop record ever made. Cheesy, but weird as well. Our favorite mixture. But the best thing on this record was that they had guitar chords in the booklet. We played along for so many times, that it sometimes felt like we are a Blur cover band.

Pavement, “Gold Soundz”

For me Pavement was always one of the greatest bands. Georg was not that much into it. But once I convinced him to buy a ticket for one of their gigs and come with me to the concert. The problem was that we had to borrow a car from our parents, cause they played in Amsterdam. In the end we missed the concert, cause it was not possible to get there. Too bad that this was one of their last gigs before they broke up.

Gold Panda, “Marriage”

Before the time when Myspace was getting pretty boring, Gold Panda was one of our rare fans from the UK. I got in touch with him cause I was really enthusiastic about his music, too. That's why I was not really surprised when he became famous. We are big fans now and hope that one day we'll make it in the studio together, which was planned since years ago, but has turned out to be even more complicated since he is touring the world now.

Weezer, “Pink Triangle”

We are both huge Weezer fans, particularly of their old stuff (Blue Album and Pinkerton, anything afterwards was pretty boring). We argued very often about which album's best. I prefer the blue one, Marius likes Pinkerton. “Pink Triangle” has a special meaning for me because I was deflowered by a girl who later become a lesbian… I dedicate this song to her!

Das Pop, “The Love Program”

Since we admire a lot of Belgian bands, such as Soulwax, Deus, and Das Pop, it's hard to decide which one to pick. We loved Das Pop so much for bringing pop and electronic elements together. They also do a great live show. The bandleader used to play drums and sing at the same time. Awesome guys!

Bronski Beat, “Smalltown Boy”

The Bronski Beat are our all-time favorite. We once did a cover of it in our early Coma years but never dared to show it to anyone. It is kept shut for all times, altough we kinda like it. We just gave it to Tobias Thomas, he loves it and promised to play it somewhere.