F. Stokes presents: The Arkansas-Chicago tape

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The aim of this record, aesthetically and creatively is to capture the courage, strength and resilience of my family. Fearless Beauty is unapologetic; direct; provocative; unifying… During the recording of this project I spiritually (and physically) placed myself in my childhood room in Chicago. I revisited conversations I had with the junkies, the pimps, the prostitutes, the gangsters, all manifesting in the recordings of Fearless Beauty. This was probably my most emotionally exhausting recording, due to the fact I never really made peace with myself for leaving Chicago. Part of me felt as if I betrayed those that raised me. All I ever wanted to do was make the city of Chicago proud, and though I'm not exactly sure I succeeded with Fearless Beauty, I do know I haven't felt this comfortable in the realm of music since I was 19. When slight shades of skepticism would arise during the writing of lines like ” Victims of a crack pipe, mistrust will make a beautiful Black woman attract dikes, so I keep a picture of my niece on my Iphone backlight.” I'd ask myself would an 18 year old Ice Cube mince his words, or sheepishly tip toe around subjects that effect regcommunity…? Would Huey P. Newton cowardly dress up statements so they would appear less pungent…?

Fearless Beauty is unfiltered in that sense. This album is the rebirth of an Arkansas slave.

This was classic Black independent film making. Master P was a master of capturing urban life cinematically. Classic.

Chicago pimpin. This video was the special because it was one of the few that captured the essence of the Chicago Pimp culture.

GUY was the apex of the 'cool New Jack Swing negro'; confident, sharp, and smooth.

“Nann Nigga” was Southern videography at its finest. We were able to get a feel for the south through tricks appearance on camera. Legendary Nigga.

Futuristic, with a hint of modernity. To me, this is what film should aspire to be like.