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Loglady Records

We bonded over a mutual love of exploring, Ed Ruscha and imitation vomit, three core principles we still value today. As a couple we're comprised of 1/4 musician, 1/4 designer, 1/4 lazy, 1/8 space case, and 1/8 angst ridden teenager. The name Loglady seemed to fit, as we have a mutual appreciation for the depth and conceptual basis of David Lynch's work, particularly the cryptic way he exploits the mainstream through film and television. Loglady Records seeks to release musicians with an unconventional place in the pop music spectrum. Our roster is full of artists who approach common pop themes through noise, vigor and imagination.

Lauren had been interested in independent publishing for a while and Jason had a background in recording/playing music. We decided to pool these strengths together to form the label, which started with a few cassette releases. We had been throwing around ideas for a few months and our first release came about after a trip to SXSW in 2010 motivated us to start getting serious about the label. It’s a great feeling being able to collaborate with your significant other. It’s a lot of work and neither one of us could do it alone, especially with day jobs. Jason takes a lot of the A&R responsibilities, along with distribution (he works for a music distributor called Revolver), and Lauren focuses on communication and print/web design (she works at a design firm called West Office). Neither of us had a background in writing for press or accounting, but we figured it out as we went along. We didn’t have a specific business plan when we started, but we knew we wanted to combine refined aesthetics and DIY ethics, while putting out the music of people we thought were more than just musicians.

When the Terry Malts guys recorded some demos in Jason's old bedroom we knew we wanted them to be our first release. We’re not exactly sure how the story goes, but somehow the tape got into the hands of Mike Schullman (of Slumberland Records) and he couldn’t stop listening to it. Terry Malts just released their LP with SLR this February and we're happy to be releasing more of their music; one of our newest releases is a split 7″ between Terry Malts and Dead Angle.

After the Terry Malts demos, we've worked with Part Time, Moonbell, Grandma's Boyfriend, Permanent Collection, and many others in the works. Our next release coming this August is Permanent Collection, a band fronted by Jason. Their “shoegaze for sunny days” sound is full of candy coated pop structures, swathed in hazy guitars. We’re excited to be releasing Permanent Collections debut LP Newly Wed and Nearly Dead on August 7th.

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