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Mother Mother

Whether it's Oedipal or abandonment or the universal womb having given birth to all our existential curiosities and hair pulling, the humans, and more so the poets sure do fixate on ” the mother”. We even named our band after her… twice. Thus is the theme of our video picks: maternal laments, homages, assailments and otherwise set to evocative cinema. Enjoy!

This damn song lorded over our Google search for quite some time. But really we have much to thank it for. During the toughest times of band inter-personality, we kept forging our path, if only to one day rule the Google. Which we have. Try it out. Type us in. As far as I can tell, it's not until page 31 until Miss Bonham gets a mention of her angsty hit.

It's fair to say that John Lennon wouldn't have been so wonderful if the maternal facet in his life wasn't so dysfunctional. So, Thank You, Julia, Ocean Child, for breeding, though not raising, such a fine chap. And speaking of chaps, but of less finer ilk, shame on you Mrs. Chapman for spawning that audacious little prick, David, who had the gall to squash our favourite Beatle far before his time to go. Enjoyable in this live performance at Madison Square Gardens is John's blasé gum chewing. A clear symbol of the etiquette not taught by an absentee parent.

Oh Danzig, you brute. But leave it to the blessed mother figure to soften the edge of one of metal's legitimate sado-weirdos, not to mention provide him with his biggest hit. Thanks also to Tipper Gore, who helped introduce the Parental Advisory warning placed on albums that contain explicit lyrics, and whom in part this song was inspired by.

Ok, remember the Spice Girls?! What a beautiful farce! But better that than ugly authenticity, no? Anyway just watch this video. It's so bad it's amazing. And after you've watched it, print out the lyrics, only to never again draw blank what trite sentiment to put in your mother's Mother's Day card. There's enough here to last her life time.

Best track from Pink Floyd's conceptual masterpiece, The Wall. Why? The Mommy Factor. This video is a wonderful extraction from the full length movie which stars “Pink”, an embittered rock star. Why so embittered? Mommy Issues, which, as is proven in all these excerpts, are the most pained, potent, and poignant issues of all. Not only do we have to thank them for spitting us out into the soup of madness we call life, but for the easiest, greatest and perhaps the cheapest poetical platform to damn it.

Yes, that's right. Hoochy Mamma. And do you know what the first definition in the Urban Dictionary is for this delicate term? “An OLDER woman over the age of 21 who dresses like a slut or a prostitute”. An older woman, huh, over 21? Anyway, how the hell did our beloved mother, the most all knowing, forgiving, compassionate, vulnerable yet powerful creature get bestowed such a ridiculous prefix?? I'll tell ya how. Her greatest flaw. Bearing sons. The type who made this video.

But what better son to bear than Phil Collins? A true Mamma's boy. You can count on it. Or can you? In this bizarre song (and even more bizarre video), things take a turn from their hallmark nature to something strange and sinister when the drumming singer starts snickering maniacally. Check it out. So funny. Also good for a laugh is the precision with which they mime their musical gestures, especially the whammy bar flourishes.