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Quintron and Miss Pussycat

I don't really spend a lot of time watching youtube or anything but these ones below are a few that have definitely gotten repeat plays on rainy days.

North Carolina A&T Drumline Prison Trial Routine

This is hands down the craziest marching band video I have ever seen…and I have seen a lot. I will not even attempt to explain what exactly is going on here. Hopefully this draws you all into many hours of drumline video watching.

Katey Red, “Where the Melph At?”

I know bounce is blowing up world wide – and it should. Big Freedia is on fire right now but Katey Red is my fav in the “sissy bounce” genre. She started it all really and has actually played our club a few times way back in the day. Her music is so insane but she can write these really simple great hooks. This is the only video she's got. Our broken black limo is in this too… ha ha! Go Katey! If you ever get a chance to see Katey or Freedia or any New Orleans Bounce live, do it. Good times.

A-Moe, “Mom Is Home”

This one makes me feel like I'm on tour in Europe which is great because it now costs about a million dollars to fly there with all of our equipment. Anyways, I love this video. That party they are at looks really sleazy and kind of fun. All girls and a wolf dancing by himself. He actually looks kinda sad at some point because nobody is really paying attention to him. I don't know what it is about this and I definitely do not understand the “stripper / rapist” vibe of A-MOS in general. Weird and entertaining… this video definitely merits multiple views.

Bo Diddly on the Tami Show

This is from a filmed concert event in 1964 called “The Tami Show”. Bo Diddly is such a baddass. Check out the white guitar cables. I love that there is the constant sound of screaming throughout this whole thing too. The Stones headlined The Tami Show (at the insistence of the promoters) and they look super scared because they had to follow James Brown. They did it right though – they looked truly evil and girls are passing out all over the place. Anyways, this whole concert is fucking amazing. The backing band for a lot of the groups is led by Jack Nietzche and features Glen Campbell, by the way. Leon Russell playing piano, and there are all those weirdo dorky dancers. I'm not super into retro but this is a snapshot of when '60s rock and roll was truly on fire and not everyone sounded the same, and stage gimmicks were just a part of the insane rituals of a live show. Its also before mega PA systems, so if you wanted your guitar to cut through a room of 2000 screaming kids, you got 40 Marshalls and stacked 'em up.

Sun Stroke Project performing “Run Away” on Eurovision Song Contest in 2010

More Europe… What can I say? I am fascinated by the Euro Culture that is so totally NOT influenced by American culture. They are like space aliens with bright blue pants and frosted hair. No, I do not like this music or this song, but I do enjoy the saxophone solo very much. Eurovision is a wealth of comedic treasures that our Swedish friend Victoria turned us on to.

That Mitchell and Webb Look, “Doctor and Ice Cream Tester”, Episode from Season 4

I'm obsessed with British Comedy. Just kinda discovered this show recently and it's awesome. The writing is great. Of course there is also Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box, Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, etc etc… They are on a roll! For the older stuff I love anything with Steve Coogan.

Twanky Snacks

These are our puppet buddies in New Orleans doing some really weird shit in a language they invented for their shows. This video is just a trailer for their feature length show called TWANKY SNACKS.