Upset's other Twitter findings

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We all got to know each other through Twitter and it played a key role in how Upset became a band. Here are some of our favorite things we've discovered from Twitter.


Speedy Ortiz

My boyfriend and I went to go see Speedy Ortiz when they came through town and I immediately went home and followed Sadie on Twitter and have been obsessed with her and them since.

Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth came onto my radar when Nylon premiered their video for “The Spins”. I'd been hearing the name for a little while and decided to check it out. My first reaction was “fuck these girls are so COOL” and then I listened to them more and more and was like “oh and all of their songs are amazing.” They're like Lifetime.


A while ago I tweeted asking my followers where I could find affordable clothes that are on trend and come in all sizes and a handful of people suggested ASOS and I've been hooked. Their shipping and returns are so easy.


Earthquaker Devices:

Gabe of Gap Dream, who I met through twitter, told me about Earthquaker Devices. It turns out the company is run by Jamie Stillman, who played guitar in The Party Of Helicopters (I'm a fan). The pedals sound amazing and look as good as they sound. I wish I owned all of them.

Fantastic Planet:

After someone referenced this movie on Twitter, I ended up watching the entire thing on Youtube at like 3 a.m. It's surreal and visually interesting – a perfect film to zone out to after a long day.


80's US Hardcore:

Great 80s hardcore videos, like this classic from Poison Idea

The Most Popular Girls In School:

Hysterical web series made with Barbie dolls, start from the beginning!