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Flaming Tunes, “Breast Stroke”

A simple walk through the park turns into a simple swim at the local pool. When the reveal shows This Heat's Gareth Williams giving his bored and lecherous lip synching performance it perfectly brings out the double meaning of the lyrics. The whole Flaming Tunes album is a really fantastic listen.

Julia Holter, “Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art”

Great video from one of the great albums of the year. Psychedelic imagery is rarely used this effectively and engagingly. I like everything about this song.

Zohar Argov, “Haperah Begani”

Zohar Argov known as The King (hamelach) of Israeli music with his signature song, “Haperach Begani.” Lots of nice footage in this video of Zohar here before his unfortunate descent into heroin and his eventual suicide. Zohar was responsible for the popularization of the Mizrahi music. There is a shocking amount of footage of him performing at bar mitzvahs and weddings in various states of inebriation yet always maintaining his flair. My favorite voice in the world of music.

The Judy Experience, “Janet Planet”

Many of us who've been kicking around the Bay for a while know about James Brooks Caperton's Judy Experience. This video for “Janet Planet” opens a window into the very present, but seemingly diminishing part of San Francisco's ritualistic Dionysian genderfucked art world. This track like all the rest of the Judy work is real sultry and I've heard that a new Judy Experience record and an accompanying short film is due shortly.

Zoviet France Interview on City Limits (Toronto 1990)

Didn't ever expect to see an interview with Zoviet France yet they appear approachable and friendly. It appears as though they are playing shows again. How exciting!

Phil Ochs, “No More Songs”

The final message of defeat from an expert in the field and my favorite lyricist of them all. If anyone knows any of the details surrounding the making of this video I'd be very excited to know more.