Beru, What Would I Do Without You c48

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Keiji Haino and Vashti Bunyan had a music baby.

Beru is the avant folk project of one Jessica Collins who, at least
theoretically, can be described in a class with Liz Harris' Grouper and
Mehdi Ameziane's Twinsistermoon projects.

She doesn't use nearly as much
drone or spiraling, cathedral-filling sound, relying instead on a heavier dose of electronics and more distinguishable song writing and vocals.

Not to say that it doesn't get out there. You will be dab in the
middle of a pretty melody before a giant blast of noise hits you in the
jaw. You'll absorb the rustic warmth of her acoustic instruments before you
realize they are all underpinned by light synth melodies, or you'll be in a light field recording that's mixed up with drum
machine dub beats. Her glitched vocals and loops also add to the ambient head space underpinning concrete, traditional folk finger picking and her gentle, almost strained, singing.

Beru, “What Would I Do Without You” (B-Side excerpt)

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