Blithe Field / Ricky Eat Acid split Cs

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Blithe Field / Ricky Eat Acid split

Primitive Patterns had the good mind to see a kinship between the melancholy beat constructions of Blithe Field and Ricky Eat Acid. Paired up on this split cassette, Blithe Field side reads like the scene titles in a horror film treatment, while Ricky Eat Acid's side are like fragments from the journal entries of Leonard Cohen.

Both artists seemed transfixed on a supernatural curiosity on their respective sides. Ricky Eat Acid wonders “maybe they are waiting for me”, while Blithe Field asks “you saw it too, didn't you?”. But, this is not score music for the next slasher blockbuster. These are stolen moments of playful hauntings when you laugh because the synth sounds as silly as a floating white sheet with eye holes. It's as silly as thinking of Pac-Man rather than being terrified. It's also filled with knowing solemnity, like the wind chimes reminding you of your departed grandmother and feeling her presence.