Count Vaseline "Tales From The Megaplex"

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Last time we caught up with Count Vaseline, the Atlanta based musician had just released the video for his single, “Russia.” A true jack of all trades, Stefan Murphy is the mastermind behind the creations of Count Vaseline, acting as songwriter, musician, and producer. Now, he’s just released Tales from the Megaplex, a raucous collection of eight boisterous tracks, ready for a late night drive and saying good riddance to all of your worries. Diving in and out of the 80s fueled influences and art pop, Count Vaseline creates a surreal world, leading us through the inner-workings of his creative process.  Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Murphy has curated a mish-mosh of rock, pulling from all corners of the genre to create pub-ready tracks like “Town of Horseheads” and danceable tracks like “A Song for Tom.” Murphy’s openness about struggles with mental health adds an overlying human quality to the album, providing sprinklings of hope and honesty throughout.

Tales from the Megaplex is out now, and you can keep up with Count Vaseline here.