Gotts Street Park, "Love in Bad Company"

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As flings end and former lovers come to heed the snakebitten vocals of Leeds vocalist Dielle, Leeds music collective Gotts Street Park’s second single “Love in Bad Company” may become the retroactive song of Summer ’17 for many. The bluesy, downtrodden number is an intriguing departure from the hip-hop influence present in the burgeoning group’s debut single “This World.” Both tracks are from their recently announced EP, the fittingly deemed Volume One, set to be released June 16th on Blue Flowers Music.
Gotts Street Park is a squad full of Leeds-based producers and instrumentalists who have merged their bevy of influences and talents into a sonic potpourri spanning the genres from hip-hop to rock and soul. From Dielle and “This World” MC Benny Mails to Kali Uchis and Rejjie Snow, the group makes no bones about collaborating with the most gifted up and coming artists throughout the UK.
The collective makes it a point to record their tracks in one room, which explains the cohesiveness at play on “Love in Bad Company. From Josh Crocker’s sharp bass play to the melancholy piano that closes out the song, the instrumentation came together to properly surround Dielle’s doleful vocals and channel the woes of heartbreak.
We look forward to seeing what other directions the group forges on Volume One. You can stream “Love in Bad Company” below. It’s also available for purchase at all major online retailers.