Great News presents "The Norwegian Bands We Love" Playlist

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

The three-piece Norwegian based group Great News is coming out with their third debut LP titled Wonderfault later in February. The band releases their lively single “Told” as a taste for what to come for the trio. The single is about jubilation and doing what makes us truly happy in our lives. Heres the new track “Told”.

Great News was kind enough to compose a playlist of Norweigan bands they love for our listening pleasure. So do what you usually do while listening to this unique playlist!


“Just released their second album “Waves 2 You”, and even though it came out in January, we can’t really see how any Bergen-based artists can top this one in the year to come. Producer and co-frontman Matias Tellez has done some magic here, to say the least.” 


“We just love Silja, her lyrics are in Norwegian, and their quirky, smart, thoughtful, just like Silja. Check out the title track from her latest EP “Ni Liv.”


“This project is a mix of members from rap group “Sushi x Kobe” and indie duo “Verdensrommet”. We just love the guys, and the production is amazing, sort of UK garage, trap, indie all in one, only in Norwegian. If you ever have the chance you should catch them live.”


One of Norway’s best live bands in the sense that they make a hell of a party every time on stage. Great people, fun music, and they’re bigger in Mexico than back home, but they’re big in Norway too. Check out their latest single.


“Lovely music, lovely people, great live band. And we do not pick this band just because our drummer Kim also plays in Bloody Beach. They’re super tight though, there are so many fun details, and co-frontman Arne Haakon Tjelle is a legend in Bergen (check out his other project “Soft Ride”).”


“Some of the best musicians we know, frontman Øystein Braut started this project with drummer Øyvind Hegg Lunde, Njål Clemetsen (bass) and Anders Bjelland (synth). The latter also mixes all our tracks with us. Psych rock at it’s best.”


“This is Njål Paulsbergs (Young Dreams, Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo) latest project. Njål is one of the best producers and musicians we know, and all though the band only have this song out so far, we never grow tired of it. The melody, the synths, the lyrics, which refer to religious rhetorics, it’s a win!” 


“Linn Froekedal and Richard Myklebust (The Megaphonic Thift) has made one of the last years best albums from Norway, their debut LP “Misty Coast” contains only great tracks. It’s all dreamy, indie, and pop-ish, really great live too.”