Heather Graham, Edgar Allan Poe, Crack

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Punching dudes in spiked leather jackets at Pixies shows in the early 90's is awesome, and there is no need to be sorry.

The riot girl Halloween costume. Somewhere, Kathleen Hanna is proud.

Nerds like trivia, but apparently hipsters hate it.

But hipsters seem to like crack. Maybe this will help them morph into yuppies, or drop out and become homeless, and then we can stop talking about hipsters.

Use Heather Graham and maybe you can get those tea party douchebags to drop their 'cause'.

Over at The Rumpus, they are talking about Le Loup

You maybe as shocked as I am to learn that there are actually fifty or more blogs in Indiana.

Balloon Boy and Edgar Allan Poe are pretty much the same thing.

The Blood Brothers are getting the motherfucking reissue treatment.

Have you ever tried to do a high-dive and text message at the same time. Shit sucks right?