Jacob Peter "Ateles"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Growing up, especially in your twenties, can be a bit fuzzy. The typical day usually includes one existential crisis, at least two regrettable texts, and worrying if every decision was the “right” one. Fortunately, Jacob Peter gets it and has created a musical band-aid for the twenties conundrum. “Ateles” is charming, nostalgic, but oozes with the emotion of acceptance– after all, nobody has mastered time travel just yet.
Part of his new EP, Echolalia, Jacob recorded all instruments/vocals on the track, with the exception of the strings– the ethereal, brilliant quartet is the Sirens, made up of Andrea Velasquez and Cassity Warnecke on violin, Gabriella Savino on viola, and Hannah Kuhn-Bleasdale on cello. The fusion of Jacob’s melancholic vocals with the quartet’s airy musings is comforting, a much needed creation.
Regarding the track, Jacob added, “This track lyrically was inspired by the ever increasing doubt of growing older in which you question every decision you make. It’s a conversation between the verses and chorus’… who that conversation is with I’ll leave to the listener, but overall one person is doubting everything and one person is extremely sure (as if they’ve seen this other person’s whole life). It’s that push/pull and feeling of “letting go” that I wanted to reflect both musically and lyrically.”
Echolalia is available via Bandcamp. You can keep up with Jacob here.
Photos by Shauna Presto